Govt. Approved Recruiting Agent. Recruiting License No – 733

To Chalachal Overseas
Right Man for the Right Job for Right Time
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Section-wise Activities
Our company is engaged in manpower business since 1999 & progressed well in its activities by supplying skilled/unskilled workers and become a most reputed company in home & abroad.
A) To obtain Recruiting permission from BMET immediately after receiving Demand Letter, Power of Attorney and other relevant documents from the employer subject to proper verification of visa advise from Embassies in Dhaka.
B) To mobilize the people of recruitment within shortest possible time through country wide network & through advertisement in newspaper.
C) To arrange interviews for selection of candidates.
D) To prepare list of the selected candidates.
E) To direct the selected candidates for medical check-up and to collect the medical reports for the individual candidates.
A) Passports, Police Clearance Certificate, Medical Reports along with Photographs to be received and checked properly.
B) Preparation of list as per category and hand over to the concerned section along with passports and other relevant documents to process visa form.
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