-Recruitment Process-

1. Driver –Heavy (Truck, Lorry)
2. Driver--- Light (Car, Microbus, Pickup)
3. Heavy Equipment Operators, Like-Trailer /Forklift /Crane
4. Auto Mechanic (Petrol / Diesel)
5. Heavy Duty Mechanics
6. Auto Painter
7. Auto Denter
8. Turner

1. Managers
2. Public Relation Officers
3. Sheaf
4. Cooks (Continental/Chinese/Indian)
5. Assist. Cooks
6. Kitchen Helpers
7. Waiters , Stewards
8. Supervisors
9. Food & Beverage Managers
10. Sales & Marketing
11. Accountant , Cahiers
12. Bakery Mans.
13. Serviceman
14. Security Officers / Guards
15. Cleaner

1. Welders
2. Heavy Welder
3. Carpenters (Shuttering/Finishing)
4. Masons-cum Plasterers
5. Painters (Wall/Spray)
6. Plumbers (Pipe Fitter)
7. Tiles/Marble Fixers
8. Steel Fixers
9. Electricians (House)
10. Fore Man
11. Construction Labors
12. General Farmers
13. Green House Farmers

1. Office Managers
2. Manager-Marketing, Sales, Admin
3. Asst. Managers
4. Accountant / Cashiers
5. Secretary
6. Clerk, Typists
7. Computer Programmers
8. Computer Operators
9. Salesman
10. Tea Boys . /Office boys
11. Office Indoor Cleaner
12. Hospital Cleaner (Male/Female)
13. Female Garments Worker

1. House Maid
2. House Boy
3. House Driver
4. House Guard

1. Check visa & obtain medical slips & visa forms from the concerned Embassy 3......days.
2. To obtain permission from BMET  1 .....day.
3. To advertise the posts in the daily Newspaper 1 .....day.
4. To arrange interview of the candidates on collection of Bio-Data 2 ....days.
5. To arrange Trade TEST & to process the list of the finally selected candidates 2 ....days.
6. Passport collections & Endorsement according to visa advice 3......days.
7. Medical check-up & lit card receive 3......days.
8. Police Clearance Certificates with attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1 .....day.
9. Obtain Security Clearance form the security department (NSI, SB & Ministry of Home) & ministry of manpower  12.... days.
10. Visa Stamping from the Embassy  3......days.
11. Immigration clearance from the Bureau of Manpower etc  1 .....day.
12. Reservation and Ticketing 1 .....day.
13. Orientation  1 .....day.
14. Final Departure 1 .....day.
Total :  35 TO 45 DAYS

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As per Company’s rules & Regulation.

Representative from your organization is most welcome to visit our offices for final checking of pre-screened workers through our DATA BANK. We shall provide 24 hours Secretarial service and transportation.

b) India
c) Sri Lanka
d) Nepal

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Our company is engaged in manpower business since 1999 & progressed well in its activities by supplying skilled/unskilled workers and become a most reputed company in home & abroad.

A) Processing the visa forms, forwarding letter and contract form etc.
B) Submitting the document to the concerned Embassy for Visa stamping.
C) Collecting the passports after visa stamping from the Embassy.

A) Filling up Bio-Data and completing all formalities regarding undertaking NOC, Surety Bond. Contract papers and FCAD accounts for all the selected candidates
B) Submitting all documents including passports to the BMET for immigration clearance.
C) Handover all documents to the Personnel section after obtaining such clearance from BMET.

Our company is engaged in manpower business since 1999 & progressed well in its activities by supplying skilled/unskilled workers and become a most reputed company in home & abroad.

A) Preparation of Personnel files for each and every candidate.
B) Collection of signature of the candidates in the register and also to procure individual undertaking on judiciary stamp paper.
C) To prepare the flight list of the candidates on priority basis and to hand-over the same to the dispatch section.

A. To handover the list of the necessary group wise to the Manager of our Travel Agency M/S. Kazi Air for the reservation & ticketing.
B) Collection of Tickets from he travel agency
C) Filling up Health/Embarkation cards.
D) To arrange all reliable travel documents of the passengers and to make final departure list to complete briefing etc.
E) To arrange boarding card of the candidates after fulfilling the customs and immigration formalities at Airport.
F) To send Fax with details to the Principal/Employer well in advance of the flight. .
G) To send the final Fax/Telex messages to the Principal/Employer just after boarding the flight to receive the employees from the Airport on arrival